17 December 2021



This product was developed by Philippe Crévits for his own use as he needed a tool to help him with his bodyweight training, and there seemed to be a gap in the market.

Bodyweight training has become increasinly popular but there was no suitable product available. Infinyfit has filled that gap since 2016 and has supported local businesses and industries in doing so, as the product is 100% made in France.

For the last 20 years, Philippe has been the CEO of Société Bureau d’Etude (SBE): a research, development and design company.
It was within SBE that the Infinyfit 130 project was designed.
The combination of sports and design professionals working on the Infinyfit resulted in the product winning the Lépine competition after just a few months. The initial idea of Philippe was to design a complete device for bodyweight physical fitness which takes into account the physical constraints of an apartment. The result has exceeded expectations as the device that can be used in many areas of physical wellness.

InfinyFit was patented in 2017


More than 4 years have passed from the initial idea to the start of commercialization.

Philippe CREVITS developed Infinyfit with the help of a consulting team:

  • Mickael Denniel, a professional coach who has followed the project since 2015 and has contributed a lot to the different test and trial phases.
  • Wilfried Myrtil, a professional coach, who provides valuable assistance on the use of the product for independent coaches and for use in group lessons.
  • Patrice Bonneau, an Industrial Designer, who contributed to the design and the ease-of-use of the product.

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